Lian_Yu – TryHackMe

Arrowverse themed CTF Box

First running the nmap on the matchine

#2 What is the Web Directory you found?

finding hidden web directory running gobuster

gobuster result

we got a island , after checking this page out. found this there

The Code Word is: </p><h2 style="color:white"> vigilante</style></h2>

saw the hint it says , numbers, so tried all 4 digit numbers on home page didn’t get anything, then tried that on our island page , got something 🙂

after inspecting the page we got the extension .ticket

run the dirbuster on this extension with dirbuster small wordlist

visiting to this page got

In the next hint it says it looks like the base , i checked base 64 but not , then i check every base and it was a base58

#4 what is the FTP Password?

After decoding the above got the ftp password

logged into ftp with the user name we got a while back


and the ftp password we just got

#5 what is the file name with SSH password?

After logging in we got 3 image files, as the tag of the challenge says stegnography, so I used stegcracker on the image files and got the files on aa.jpg.

In those files we got the ssh password, file name is shado

#6 user.txt

we got the username when we login to the ftp and we have the ssh password from the shado file – M3tahuman

so login to ssh and got the user.txt

#7 root.txt

there is a .Important file here , open got need to find Secret_mission , used the locate to get the file , But there is just the bunch of text in there , first i thought i need to find the file name mirakuru , that was in the text ,

But no file with that name , than back to old school just searched sudo -l , to get the files i have permission to run as root got the file


sudo ./pkexec cat /root/root.txt

got it 🙂

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